Eric's Story

My Life Changed In The Blink Of An Eye...


"For Eric Redmon, June 12, 2003 was shaping up as just another summer’s day. He’d lifted weights for football to add muscle to his 160-pound frame, dutifully cut the greens at Deer Trail Country Club and even visited his orthodontist. 

His plans that evening included driving to a friend’s birthday party as the 16-year-old enjoyed his downtime between his sophomore and junior years at Commerce High School.  But instead of an evening of teenage summer fun, Eric found himself in a fight for his life after an automobile accident left him with a traumatic brain injury, ruptured spleen, punctured lung and fractured C4 vertebrae. Eric, now 30, still bears the weight of that night. 

Fourteen years later, he walks but with the aid of a cane. His voice is soft and somewhat strained. He, at times, struggles with short-term memory. 

At the same time, this is a story of triumph. Eric used the circumstances of that fateful drive as a catalyst to pursue all of life’s dreams. Today, he’s a philanthropist, speaker, a small business owner and — in his latest endeavor — an author."